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Answering several questions about our e-work-exchange program, we felt it a good idea to set up this FAQ.

Do I have to do a solid week and then get on with my things?
No you don't. We realise that you also have other commitments, and as long as it is a fair swap one week for us and the rest of the month for you, that's OK.

What exactly is the type of work you are looking to get?
Depending on your skill sets, we are promoting the whole concept of Coliving, and we offer Coliving here at La Colle en Provence. Therefore, the best way to encourage it is for you to experience it here and then help tell everybody about it. We can have as many bloggers and travel experts as possible. The rest of the positions are all social media, websites world in all its forms and if anyone is into booking systems or referral programs that would be great to know you.

Why do you need so many people?
We have provided our space for Coliving, but also we are part of a growing group of providers interconnected throughout the world so that the digital nomad can roam the world knowing that there are fantastic places to go to everywhere.

Why haven't we heard of your group before?
We have been working on forming this group for more than a year, and earlier this year we put together the agreements at a meeting in Serbia. In July 2018 we will officially launch the group, and this e-Work-Exchange program is part of my contribution to the group.

Other groups offer somewhat similar things: why you?
The Nomad world and the concept of Coliving is a fast expanding area, of course, other people are setting up or developing groups. We are already established in our operations and have precise concepts as what makes Coliving work and therefore different. We are also open to linking together with any other concerns as we wish this sector to expand fast.

Why do we have to pay 25% yet we also do a work exchange?
Simply put, we would like people who are keen and energised by this project and not people out for a free ride.

How much is our contribution?
The 25% works out at 441.75€ for the month, this includes food and drink during the month, and you will find that we do trips and visits together so that you get to experience the area, you will undoubtedly get your values worth.

If I need to get around on my own, how would I do it?
We realise the deep countryside is not like cities. Therefore if you have the right capacities and licences, we let you use a spare old French car.

Read our article and let's reshape the world if you care: Why Do We Want you?

For any questions, please contact stephanie@colivingprovence.io

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