Retreats at La Colle en Provence

"An endearing experience that will remain a favourite ongoing memory"

"Relax" is probably our most used word when thinking about La Colle en Provence. Peacefulness, nature at its best the time to think and reorganise your life. Get fully to grips with building your current project and intermix with your peers and form new life long bonds.

Get fully to grips with building your current project and intermix your life with some of the most awesome local moments, gaze at the stars, be amazed at the sun rises and astounded by the sunsets.

Based on our Provencial Coliving base near Forcalquier in the South of France, we have created many additional activities for you to benefit from which, you can enjoy in addition to your coliving digital life.

Many of the photos below show you the vast expansive view from our hilltop perch. A lot of the things we do can intermix so that you can taste the flavour of the overall experiences of living in our top coliving off-the-grid-spot.

The point of each retreat is to mix with people just like you and share the experience and time together, including making our meals together.

We are always searching for new things to do, and therefore not all activities are shown here.

Call yourself at home

The Trillion dollar view just makes you feel like a Billionaire



Other activities: Local trips and hiking, On-site games, swimming pool, knock-ball shuttlecock problem-solving, BBQs and wood picnics, night time star gazing, and lots of one site entertainment.


If you wish to just work there are lots of quiet places to do this, including our new panoramic outdoor workspace complete with surge power points, covered protection, coffee and fridge. (Warm months only)


Whatever you are looking for in a coliving retreat we can offer you an incredible vista and an extraordinary place to experience it.


Coupled with our growing network around the world, retreats will offer you the choice and the maximum number of possibilities during your travelling years.

Retreats:   The House.   Coliving.  Activities.   Photography.

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