Activities in the Top Coliving House in Provence

While staying at our retreats coliving base near Forcalquier in Provence, South of France, you can enjoy some of our activities, such as "Action Activities Provence".

We have a fantastic range of local activities in the area of our coliving base: river and lake canoeing, rock climbing. Treetop escapades, Via Ferrata, hiking, canyoning, Taiso and we put on specific events with the colivers capabilities.

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Provence has some of the most beautiful places to discover. The best way to see it is while performing an activity that takes you out into the depths of the countryside.

From the waters to the tracks and canyon paths, you will find each outing breathtaking.

Open to all levels of participants but geared to the "entry" and "intermediate" level, you will find the outings taxing enough to feel that you've had a good day out.


Retreats's Action Activities can help you rediscover what your body can do, going beyond the "I can't do it" point and achieving what you set your mind to do.

Challenging yourself on canyoning trips and rock climbing expeditions in Provence can prove to be exhilarating. There is great fun to be had in going as a group and conquering your fears.

At the end of the day tired and satisfied you can always relax on a poolside lounger, a glass of wine in hand at our coliving base of La Colle.

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Our local knowledge counts deeply in allowing you to see and experience, saving you much exploration time.

From the centuries-old cities and villages to the picturesque lakes, mountains and rivers. Most people think that the little strip of the coast by the Med is Provence. It is, however, vast, stretching from the Cote d'Azur to well up the Alps. It takes nearly three hours to drive across up the Autoroute to its Northern boundary.

It also takes three to four hours to cross from East to West. Discovering the beauties of this area takes a lot of time and therefore having a helping hand to see these gems saves you a lot of time.


From our Retreats base, we are well situated to get to any part of Provence, from deep into the mountains, to the sea as well as all the major cities: Marseille, Aix en Provence and Avignon.

The retreats have been developed for you to be able to experience the local areas, see some of the key sites and most importantly the beauty of Provence all from the comfort of our Retreats base.

Discover the pleasure of our swimming pool, local trips to the Forcalquier market and see some of the most beautiful areas of this part of Provence so encapsulated by the world's leading artists: Van Gogh, Cezanne, and much more. Even Turner has been here...

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Our watersport "Action Activities" are always fun and very accessible, they are great days out and naturally only open to swimmers. Great for cooling off in the summer heat.

Open from June to September, after which we go onto river walking and exploring.

They are: Canoe, Kayak, River walking, Canyoning, Lake swimming, Sea trips, Padel, Sea Kayak.


Taiso is a suppleness and strength training program that can be used anywhere in the world without the need for special equipment or facilities.

The founder of Coliving Provence is a brown belt in Judo and Taiso is part of the exercise regime used to train the body to become flexible, strong and capable.

A twenty-minute program is taught to anyone who wishes to learn it. Regular group sessions are had on the grounds according to season and weather. Once learnt it can be adapted to any level and situation.

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