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Long-Stays (lets), a chance to change your life in Provence, South of France.

Pollution, Traffic, Work, Traffic, Sleep and Repeat. The daily grind of the city can take its toll.

La Colle en Provence is the perfect place for a Retreat. It is a time to catch a breath of fresh air and find the time to nap on a lounger under the sunshine.

The tranquil natural landscape can help you reconnect with friends and family while recharging your productive batteries and firing up creative juices with our beautiful vista.

During Lockdown, our remote working families found an escape to the wild at La Colle, they fell in love with life in Provence and decided to stay in the area. Why don't you try it out?

You might be one of these Explorers:

  • Do you have a nearby short-term management contract?, 
  • Or are you on loan to an organisation? ITER, 
  • Are you an online professional?
  • On a Major Construction project or an Intergovernmental project….?
  • Are you a remote worker who wants to change how you live and benefit from the health and wellness of the South of France?
  • Do you want to take a Sabbatical or a Big trip?
  • Are you looking to find a property in Provence as a holiday home or to live in?
  • Do you want to get out of the big cities?
  • Are you an artist, computer specialist, Painter or writer looking to find an artistic hideaway so that you can concentrate on your work?

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We have the answer.

In all cases, we can provide you with the ideal place for a short stay or long stay (let,) away from everything and yet the rich Provence experience you would like to live in. Plus, our easy access to the autoroutes puts everything within reach.

You only need to bring some personal possessions, and you can start immediately. How simple is that? All the main items you would expect in a fully furnished, high-standing home are already in the property.

Here at La Colle en Provence, you will find a peaceful hideaway from the stresses and strains of life, yet when you want to discover and explore, you will also find that we are not far from Provence's sights and pleasures.

In addition, because of the way we work, you can avoid the stress and strain of the French letting procedures, which demand mountains of papers, intrusive income and banking statements from the property owners so that you can rent from them.

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Organic food and abundance.

We are fortunate here in the area of Forcalquier. Many small organic farms believe in sustainable traditional agriculture.

Local food products are available in markets, supermarkets, and roadside farmshops.

In the more extensive supermarkets, selections from further away follow the seasons.


Life style

September - November

Our remarkable "long summer" period with the pool open till about the end of October. This period is topped off with the spectacle of Autumn leaves.

December - March
Our glorious holiday and winter period. Crisp mornings and the chance of snow (it doesn't ever lay on the ground long). We are near some of the best southern ski resorts, and an excellent idea to make Friday a day trip to the slopes when you will get open pistes to yourselves.

April - June
Spring, a spectacle of green, progresses to a multitude of colours. It is a remarkable period as you feel the changes out of winter. Each day is slightly longer than before—clear skies and warm days, 18C-25C.

June to September
The Hot season, perfect for a siesta and a time to change your daily routine. Spend as much time dipping in the pool to keep yourself cool!

Sunny climate

Check out these annual weather records and compare them to where you are:

Forcalquier Weather


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Here is a list of key features.

  • Lost in the countryside haven.
  • On-site French / English speaking help (I also travel).
  • Near and quick access to Airports and the rest of France.
  • Multiple Internet access through boosted 4G
  • Well positioned for all of Southern Europe.
  • Real French living experience.
  • The property has everything you'd expect in a real home at a high level of comfort.
  • Close to one of the region's cultural centres, Forcalquier.
  • Access to an additional 4 x 4 to facilitate travel to and from the property (Depending on the length of stay).
  • We continually maintain the property, daily pool maintenance, grounds and garden, etc.


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French living experience

Outside the primary holiday season, France still lives on, but in a very French way. Living in this period means adapting and discovering how life works away from the tourist bustle.
One of the key things you need is time to adapt, stroll around the markets, and discover the shops and supermarkets. Take a coffee and croissant in the local bar. Learn not to get sunburnt even in the off-season, and increase your speaking ability. Plus, much more.
This is a process which you will need to experience and draw from. Depending on your circumstances, you can explore this during your first few months or on your free weekend outings.
We provide the base for you to start from in a fully maintained property, with no gardening or swimming pool chores for you to do. Letting you adapt to the living experience and get on with your project.

For the short-term Contract Manager:

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If you are working on a short-term contract in the area yet, do not want to get bogged down in city life or suburbia, and you would like to have that place to hide away, and profit from the big country feel, then this is just the place, no pizza deliveries here!.

With Aix en Provence about an hour and ITER about 35 minutes away, we can be a serious contender for your base.

We had staying here at La Colle, key support management, working on a major construction project just south of Aix. They liked the experience so much that they extended it for another six months.

Senior management needs the time to relax and think. One well-thought-out plan or idea can save or make hundreds of thousands or even, in this case, millions.

You can achieve a great deal in the right frame of mind. It differs from the creative process but can be counted more easily in benefits.

Our open access Boosted 4g internet connection lets you keep in touch with the rest of the world. Our guests have been able to hold daily Zoom calls.

Other important access points are :

  • TGV access North at Aix en Provence 1hr 15mins
  • International Hub Airport Marseille 1hr 30mins
  • This area does not get bogged down in the summer months with traffic like some South Coast areas.

Everything you need lies waiting and is ready to make yourself at home…. You just have to walk in with a few personal possessions and start.


For the online professional
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We have had many different types of people living and working here in their various professions and businesses.

A Doctor who worked online to advise clients in the UK from France. A Barrister was defending his clients in court sessions directly from La Colle. People have run their online businesses or with independent jobs: network managers, website developers, creators of online courses and many other different online work.

Before COVID, we were heavily involved in Coliving and Coworking experiences, which depend significantly on facilities, a great atmosphere and, of course, a great connection. We've had up to ten people working online through our multi-access system.

We also work online; therefore, we always look for better and faster ways to work. We are currently in line for a fibre upgrade.

Through these experiences, we now look to people with a much longer view of changing their lives. Two of our guests booked for a year and then rebooked and extended their stay into a second year. One liked the area so much that they bought a property nearby.

Everything you need lies waiting and is ready to make yourself at home…. You have to walk in with a few personal possessions and start.


For the I'm taking a Sabbatical or on my Big trip:
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Are you planning your well-deserved sabbatical or Big trip?

Do you want to soak up the real French living experience as some of our Long Let guests have done?

We've had families with their children and pets, early retirees, friends revisiting their youthful experiences and many more at La Colle.

The big question is, really, Are you taking the kids with you or not?

In France, if your children are of educational age, you will stay more than a month in the area. You have to put them into school.

We successfully organised this for our first Canadian family, who stayed for over four months. We also had guests with children who wanted private education and stayed for 22 months. Their children are still in school as they bought a local property wishing to stay permanently. 

It wasn't that difficult and didn't cost anything apart from the everyday school meals and transport unless you would like to seek private education via one of the schools in Forcalquier.



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Coliving community
Happy New Year
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What to expect : Guest comments
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The easiest way to explain this is to quote what my Canadian guest wrote on TripAdvisor after leaving.

The family also created an extensive blog about their life and trips here. In fact, when I read it, I realised that they had been to more places than I had.

"As I sit here by the pool, sipping rosé, I am trying to come up with words to adequately describe our experience here at La Colle en Provence for the last four months.

There are so many things to say! Where to begin? At the beginning, I guess.

We arrived here at the beginning of March for a four month stay. This long term rental is new to Rod, the owner, so we were the first of hopefully many.

We were (somewhat) adequately prepared for the distance on a farm track from the nearest town, so we stocked up on groceries. We were highly rewarded for the drive up by the amazing views. Rod was gracious and welcoming and let us know he was here for us, but would also respect our privacy. We spent three days recovering from the jet lag of a 24 hour journey from Canada here to La Colle.

Upon arrival, I thought I wouldn't be able to do the drive on the track every day, but I did indeed get used to it as we travelled it a few times a day. Because of the trek up here, you get to experience the country side without hordes of people also enjoying it and it feels quite "exclusive". There is no noise here from traffic and words and pictures cannot capture the views of the Alps to the northeast, the rolling hills, the farmhouses in the valley below and the nearby town of Lurs perched on a neighbouring hill.

First on our list of things to do was to register our children in school. Rod was so helpful and patient with the process - even going down to the town hall for us to help straighten things out. This was above and beyond the call of duty and we couldn't have faced and dealt with the bureaucracy without his help.

Four months later, Rod and his two lovely neighbours have become our friends and we have so many great memories!

We have travelled to nearby (and far away) places from here and have come to the conclusion, somewhat belatedly that we really needn't have left the surrounding area of the department of Forcalquier. There is everything one needs here - old monasteries, roman bridges, "bories", winding roads, a first class market and magnificent views, to mention a few.

After an amazing 10 day trip to Morocco, we couldn't wait to get "home" - I think this says it all. Our children have built forts here, raised tadpoles, picked cherries and enjoyed math instruction from the neighbour, Bob. All authentic experiences that they won't ever forget.

It is with great regret that we leave this haven of solitude and beauty. Hopefully, we continue to return here in the years to come..... THE FAMILY V"

Everything you need lies waiting and is already installed in the property…. You just have to walk in with a few personal possessions and start.





For the House buyer:
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Suppose you are looking for a holiday home in Provence or a second or permanent home. You should know that you will need to explore and prepare before you buy. Only the brave will search the small ads and then fly in to inspect and purchase.

Some people are lucky enough to have friends within a region who will help them. Others take many years exploring a place during the holiday season looking to buy.

Before we bought our property, we lived in the area and then decided to look to buy. You must gain a living experience and test your adaptation to the area. If you only look at a place showing its best side, you might be disappointed later.

The best time to see a place is in the off-season. By visiting a potential home out of season, you can look for essential points like whether it gets any winter sun or gets damp (some places are very moist in the winter because of their position). Also, you can explore at leisure and find out about what the area is really like. Is the area completely closed out of season? What facilities are open all year? Some places are mainly second homes locked up for most of the year and, therefore, have that empty feeling for the rest of the time.

In brief, you need to sample the living experience out of season!

And we can help.

Use us as your research base, and you can find your real dream property at the right price and without some of the pitfalls. A little investment of time before you take the plunge could make all the difference.

Everything you need lies waiting and is ready to make yourself at home…. You have to walk in with a few personal possessions and start.

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For the Creative:
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We have already mentioned that this part of Provence is an established area for artists and creators. However, not everyone wants to buy a second property or rent for a year to access Provence's creative spirit.

You may have a particular project you want to do that's been at the back of your mind for some time. Or maybe you need the facility to concentrate on a particular project away from the hustle and bustle of your current environment.

Here, we can offer you just that. La Colle has a long association with the creative forces. The previous owner was an accomplished painter, writer and poet. The current owner has worked with the commercial creative arts for over 20 years and has been very involved with computers. 

A short walk to a neighbour, and you will find out that they were commercial artists who specialise in artwork for wine labels. Their house was owned before them by a Belgium painter and before her by a French Film director.

All these people came here because of the peace, tranquillity, sun, nature and, of course, the uniqueness of Provence. It is something to do with blending all-natural elements that let us develop our creative talents.

This area has been chosen by world-renowned Artists like Cezanne, Vuillard, Matisse, and even his mentors, Seurat, Picasso and Bonnard, and continues to draw exceptional talent from all over the world ...... to create their next vision.

You could join us for a while and let your talents run wild.

Our open-access Boosted 4G internet connection lets you keep in touch with the rest of the world.

Everything you need lies waiting and is ready to make yourself at home…. You have to walk in with a few personal possessions and start.



Getting the right vehicle:
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This very important point will make your stay so much more enjoyable, and we strongly recommend looking at a long-term lease booked from outside the country

There are several manufacturers that offer these services and supply the specially plated vehicles at very advantageous rates.

Here’s a list:

This vehicle is an ideal touring car, economical and has been tested on the rough access track rigorously over four months, doing school runs with no problems.

Everything you need lies waiting and is already installed on the property…. You have to walk in with a few personal possessions and start.



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Rental Rates:
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The changes to these costs depend on the number of months requested and whether the period requested spreads over the inter-season or high summer months when the per-week rental rates are at their highest and in their highest demand.

Therefore, it is best to ask for a specific quote for the period you are interested in. If you wish to rent for one year or more, we will quote based on the start month and the end month.


Didn't see the property walkthrough you can see it here:



The following table shows you the different values of the periods in the year. Dark green is the cheapest and dark orange the most expensive. A minimum of three months is needed for long lets, and we need to quote on the period requested if you request a period that includes a higher value month(s), that month's value will be included in the monthly rate.


Seasonal year LC - Long lets

Main House slide show:
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Experience the area with our videos:
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See the sites, live the adventure


Retreats:   The House.   Living.  Activities.   Photography.

Proven successful base for remote workers

Have great relaxation time or increase your effectiveness, give more time for yourself &  friends and family. When done, jump in the pool or discover the local vibes and nature.