Retreats: The Details


Explore your passion and join us at our Retreats base near Forcalquier Provence, South of France. Our base is tucked away in the hills overlooking a Provence valley and can comfortably provide places for a group of up to ten.

These retreats have been created to provide you with an unforgettable community experience, shared with people just like you. The most import factor is to have fun and enjoy the experience.

Very few people can afford to live in one of these houses, and we ask all guests to respect the time and effort that goes into setting up and maintaining these high-quality coliving accommodation.

The Brain Tank

e-Work-Exchange program: This program has been specially created so that you can experience this amazing place and not have to fork out the full price for our stays (includes food and drink, we cook together everything is supplied, saves super amounts of time and there is a "Can we have board" so you do not go without).

We are part of an ever-expanding group promoting Coliving as a way of life, where you can call our spaces as your "Home" and we are offering you 65% off the Coliving price for this with our e-work-exchange program.

This is a living experience and you can be part of the team "Charlie's Creative Angels" developing the ecosystem and also know exactly what the differences are because we certainly are not Airbnbs.

We have worked so well together that we are making a platform for "Charlie's Creative Angels" so that we can continue working.

Check out: Why do we want you? and our e-Work-Exchange application to get 65% off your Coliving costs.


Different Formulas (rates per day)

Digital Nomad & Soulmate formula: ranging from 5 to 21 nights

57€ for a shared bedroom - no food & drink (two per room)

77€ for a bedroom (couple) - no food & drink (two per room)

77€ for a shared bedroom - food & drink supplied (two per room (Save money and check out our e-Work-Exchange offer)

97€ for a bedroom (couple) - food & drink supplied (two per room) (Save money and check out our e-Work-Exchange offer)

Single room supplement 20€

Coliving formula: 1 to 3 months

680€ for a shared bedroom - no food & drink (twin room shared)

1280€ for a shared bedroom - food & drink (twin room shared (Save money and check out our e-Work-Exchange offer)

1110€ for an individual room - no food & drink

1740€ for an individual room - food & drink supplied (Save money and check out our e-Work-Exchange offer)

Deposit: a 200€ deposit is required per person. In the event there is damage to the property or item, and no one admits to the damage then the amount required is deducted from the sum of the deposits at the time this sum will be utilised first.

General: Supplements can be added to your formulas for activities and wellness and fitness programs.

Taxe de Sejour: Is a local tourist tax and is charged and declared separately at the rate of 0.25€ per day.


We will pick you up on the arrival day from Forcalquier bus station, Haute Provence and take you up to the Retreats base in the hills. Be prepared for your first adventure, the trip involves a change of vehicles into 4x4's which will drive you over amazing scenes to the property.

Minimum stays guests, with no food supplied, are charged a 10€ pickup or drop.


The property is made up of two self-contained houses in a 400-year-old natural stone small hamlet. This comfortable and original Southern French living experience offers you two bedrooms for couples in queen beds, (or single supplement), two twin bedrooms, and one twin that also can be a double.

Off/On-site activities

We offer full day explorations and active activities in the area. There is a supplemental charge for the outing for the driver, vehicle, fuel and the activity provider. Please enquire when on site.


The facilities are open from April to the end of November (outside these dates by request). The pool can be open anytime in May/June due to the temperature of the water and the maintenance needed to start the season.

Payment and Deposits

Regular guests (non e-Work-Exchange) will be asked for 35% of the amount for their stay on booking confirmation and the extra balance will be due 1 month before arrival. Stays up to 3 months will only request 35% of the first month at booking confirmation. Balance of the first two months to be paid by 1 month before arrival.

All day Activity trips

The activity trips such as canyoning, canoeing, climbing. treetop escapades, and via Ferrata, involves the use of a specialist guide and/or equipment. These outings have additional costs to hire the equipment and guide responsible. Usually, at the activity levels we take, this is in the region of 25-35€. These are on top of the provision of the day outing and will be proposed as a single item.

Local Activities

Local activities on or near the property are free, hiking, swimming, local discovery, BBQs, indoor outdoor games, entertainment systems etc..

Room cleaning

Room cleaning is done once a week, or on departure, this is normally on a Saturday.

Booking Deposits

No booking deposit will be repaid if the booking is cancelled under two months from the takeup period.

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e-Work-Exchange programme

Reduce your Coliving costs by 65% and help us reshape the world!