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Some of the Top Coliving places in the World


Some of the Top Coliving places in the World

Colive skiing

Swiss Escape

  • Mountain skiing chalet
  • Fresh altitude air
  • Summer hiking
  • Swiss precision
  • Swiss fondue
  • Hiking
  • Snow from your door
  • Work and thrills
  • Inspiring hosts
  • Mountain village life
  • Inspiring friends
  • Work with your peers
  • Team working
  • Local swimming
  • Lovely terrace views
  • Crisp nights
  • Mountain walking
  • Summer sports
  • Mentoring

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Absolute Creative Peace

La Colle en Provence

  • Quality Coliving
  • Zero distraction
  • The immensity of nature
  • Provence
  • Lavender
  • Olive plantations
  • Clear starry skies
  • Superior clear air
  • Soft natural water
  • Awe inspiring
  • Natural oak forest
  • Roaming sheep
  • Moutain views
  • Amazing sunrises
  • All the outdoor sports you can imagine
  • Serenity
  • Relax and call yourself at home
  • Amazing food and wine
  • Mastermind with your peers
  • Re-organise your life
  • Mentoring

All this and more right in the hub of Europe and within easy access to all the key places.


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Beachside bliss

ReStation Canaries

  • Beach on your door
  • Masterminds in house
  • Dedicated service
  • Work with your peers
  • Long summers
  • Seaside walks
  • Hikes inland
  • Smell of the sea
  • Buzz of the summer city
  • Sounds of the seagull
  • Foods of the Islands
  • Fresh fish
  • Inspiring connections
  • Booming Nomad destination
  • Partying and discovery
  • Mentoring
  • Seaside sports
  • Salt in the air
  • Mentoring

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Colive Provence3 248x300 - Home

Colive Provence1 300x259 - Home

Colive Provence2 293x300 - Home

"Amazing times"

Ralf from Germany

"You can get on with what you need to do, it's just gloriously peaceful and good for your soul."

Krissy from Australia

"We'll be back"

Danelia from Germany

View from La Colle en Provence

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