Coliving Provence

Discover the benefits of living and working off the grid in a billionaire landscape

Coliving Provence

Discover the benefits of living

& working off the grid

in a billionaire landscape

La Colle en Provence Coliving is more than a place to sleep: Its a place to create, find yourself, join in the experiences, teach and learn, feast and play, run your enterprises and live a lifestyle that usually only billionaires can afford.


In an environment that promotes the best from you.


In an environment that promotes the best from you.

Absolute Creative Peace

La Colle en Provence

  • Quality Coliving
  • A limited number of spaces
  • Team building
  • Business survival courses
  • Amazing area
  • Vehicles available on site
  • Zero distraction
  • The immensity of nature
  • Provence the Place of creators
  • Lavender
  • Olive plantations
  • Clear starry skies
  • Superior clear air
  • Soft natural water
  • Awe-inspiring
  • Natural oak forest
  • Roaming sheep
  • Moutain views
  • Amazing sunrises
  • All the outdoor sports you can imagine
  • Serenity
  • Relax and call yourself at home
  • Amazing food and wine
  • Mastermind with your peers
  • Re-organise your life
  • Mentoring

All this and more right in the hub of Europe and within easy access to all the key places.


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Naturally, as an exclusive life adventure like this, there are only a few select places available in the season. Requesting a place early is advisable as we are not a drop in spot.

We also provide training programs around specific subjects during the year and these periods therefor are very sought after.


Colive Provence3 248x300 - Home

"Amazing times"

Ralf from Germany

Colive Provence1 300x259 - Home

"You can get on with what you need to do, it's just gloriously peaceful and good for your soul."

Krissy from Australia

Colive Provence2 293x300 - Home

"We'll be back"

Danelia from Germany

Colive Provence5a 300x297 - Home

"great hospitality and amazing time: the house, outdoors and local towns"

Miguel from Spain

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"Breathtakingly beautiful countryside, enthusiastic and dedicated host, internet, well equipped historic apartments, great community vibe. A wonderful escape for working or just zoning out. Definite worth the trip out here."

Meredith from Germany/USA

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"This is the ideal place for those who need to escape from the hustle of the city. Great place to concentrate on work and connect with nature at the same time. The views are amazing at sunrise and sunset. Rod is making sure that you have a good time and the overall experience is really worth it"

Clément from France

We can also provide you with connections to:

Grand Canaria - Switzerland - Malta - Italy - Serbia - Spain

Coliving: More than just a place to stay but a life enhancement!


View from La Colle en Provence

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our coliving retreats

See how you can benefit from our space. Be inspired to join in our mission to make life a better place. Live like a king and share the success.

The sharing world

Our Coliving Retreats


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People work better when they are in a safe comfortable rewarding environment. Sharing with your peers makes life just so much more, let's do this together.

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Contact us to see what dates are still available. We can help you find the right period to come. Our free advice can help you to choose which period, tell us about your journey.

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Between: 37€ - 57€ per day

Minimum five days. To get the best from our space One Month or More.

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