Controlled censorship

May 7, 2021

Controlled censorship and one-sided reporting

Explained: Deriding all Government (worldwide) and Main Stream Media reporting! News, Papers, Official reports, Fact Finders, and all.

Based on the events of the 24 April 2021

I was informed that I made a false statement that the MSM would not show the above post.

Reply: At 04.30 am and for the rest of the day, Sunday 25 April on my Apple news stream with a UK iPhone. I did not receive any notification at all during the day for a significant London UK event.

To clarify: The person who contacted me did so in the afternoon of Sunday and searched the web to prove that there was MSM coverage and sent links to the coverage.

I am not the only person thinking this way, and although there has since been some coverage by the BBC. Here is a copy of a complaint to that organisation by this person.


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