May 1, 2017

Retreats about Rod1 300x277 - Introduction

Hi all,

Just to introduce myself, I have travelled nearly all my life: I was born in Thailand, and then from there, I have been to over 49 countries, working or exploring. Various life events come along the way, which either lock you down to a place for a while - like businesses that you start up that get too big, with staff that need you every day (on the old model).

I am a founder of the Facebook group "Retreats and Top Nomad Houses & Events". I love the new and the challenge of it. I’m currently working on my Living Provence project based on my estate in Provence, France. I was also the founding member and President of Coliving Hub ( an NGO, not for profit, created to promote Coliving around the globe. Its members are the most active and successful Coliving spaces, and it is rapidly expanding throughout the world.

I have been semi-retired since the age of 37, I won't tell you my current age as that's my concern, but I mix with all sorts of people from late 20's to 70's.

I worked so hard between 19 and 37 that I nearly burned out, and I understand almost every function in a company from CEO to toilet cleaner. I once had the idea of being super wealthy but then found a different path.

I have worked in Formula One (hospitality for six years), and one of my companies was a major provider in International Direct Marketing in English, serving Blue Chip companies and Global Finance Corporations. At the time, the company was a cutting-edge developer. I didn't like the idea of spam, so I dropped that.

I am a great believer in self-education, and I believe that you can teach yourself anything. Therefore I know a great deal about a lot of diverse subjects but do not consider that I am an expert in anything, even though I have been a highly-paid consultant in data mining (Google, Facebook and others seem to have that one wrapped up now).

I am "dyslexic", which is why I tend to think differently than everybody else, always coming backwards from the endpoint to the start instead of the way most people think. I look at my dyslexic nature as sometimes challenging but actually like a really great gift.

I also have a visual memory meaning I can remember things visually rather than via words or text.

Given the two points above, if you see weird words/sentences here, the spell checker or grammar program didn't pick it up.

I believe in a multi-source of information because of the guys at the top (i.e. past the politicians). They are very adept at feeding us what they want us to do (remember, I've spent a long time in marketing and sales).

Important principles in my life are:
1) There are only two types of business people in the world; The Sharks and the Co-operator, and I would like to only deal with the Co-operator.
2) Based on the above, the best restaurants are usually on the same street.
3) Trying your best is all that is expected. Success quite often is based on luck and timing. Therefore never stop trying.
4) The glass is always half full.



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